The Ancient Mound-Builders of Tomoka: Ecology, Interaction, and Ritual


June 20, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
New Smyrna Museum of History
120 Sams Avenue
New Smyrna Beach
FL 32168
Greg Holbrook

Dr. Endonino is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Eastern Kentucky University and the lead archaeologist at The Tomoka Project here in Florida.
Dr. Endonino will present excavation and analyses results from Phase 2 of the Tomoka Archaeology project which collected ecological data in order to determine the environmental conditions that existed when Mount Taylor hunter-gathers settled and constructed the mounds, earth- and shell-works, and the attending rituals during the Thornhill Lake phase (5600-4700 cal BP). Environmental data are combined with radiocarbon dates and analyses of artifacts in order to situate mound-building in time and in relation to other people across Florida and beyond.